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Twitter is not about birds.

When I first heard about the then new social networking phenomenon ‘twitter’ a few years back, the first hurdle I had to overcome was the name. Twitter? So do you twitter people? No you tweet them. Of course, I thought although the whole thing sounded completely confusing. I decided to join up anyway and gave myself a fancy twitter name ‘Real Marie Blake’ – well if celebrities can, why can’t I?  I then wrote a few words about myself on my bio…. Note to self must be witty and intelligent (Although I think I seriously failed to be either of those things) I was on the twittering and tweeting world. Yes, I was a little white egg with a blue back ground…. Mainly because I had no idea how to change my profile picture let alone make a ‘tweet.’ In time I started getting the hang of it and even started using ‘hashtags.’

So what is twitter, tweeting and hashtags? Twitter actually has nothing to do with birds, not at all. In short it’s a social media platform to promote you, your business, connect with other people who share the same interests all over the world or stalk every member of the Kardashian family… which I of course never do. (much). If you make a tweet (or in facebook language write a status) on twitter everyone can see it, for example – ‘I really love chocolate biscuits.’ Your followers would read but seldom people would care. HOWEVER if you tweet ‘I really love chocolate biscuits’ followed by a hashtag #biscuits #chocolate etc etc ….. Other people would ‘connect with you and potentially ‘follow’ you.

Before you call the police, let’s talk about following. ‘Following’ is not literally people walking around behind you in life, which is different, and very wrong. Following on twitter is essentially a person who is interested in what you have to say, digitally book marking you so they can see your updates. One of the main pros of twitter is the amount of celebrities on there, when you are as devoted to pop culture as I am it becomes very exciting, looking at twitter rows between celebrities and also the random tweets in rage before their agent gets the chance to advise them against it! Hash tags are what connect you to all the other people on twitter. If I tweet #LittleBottleOfPinkShampoo it would connect me to everyone tweeting about that. If a hash tag gets a lot of tweets it then starts to ‘trend.’ The biggest ‘trend’ so far this year was #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik when the horrendous, world shaking news broke that Zayn had in fact called it a day and left one direction. The tweets of heart break were full of emotion (not to mention a bit of theatrics) but what connected all these tweets was the beautiful and heartfelt hashtag #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMailk *sad face*…..sniff.

So that’s the basics of twitter as well as the celebrity and social side of it, many employers post jobs there now so it’s always worth a look, don’t forget if you do approach a potential employer on there make sure your twitter page is appropriate, i.e no drunken pictures of you kissing your life size cardboard cutout of Zayn from One Direction #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik.


7 unknown beauty tips – when you’re on an a budget!

As I stand in my local Boots store, I’m over whelmed by the amount of lotions and potions there are promising me softer skin or shinier hair. But how do we know which is the perfect one to pick?  With such pressure within society for women to look a certain way it can feel overwhelming. I stare at the products offering to whiten my teeth for just £50. A lot of money for something that may or may not work, but what if you could keep your beauty regime with basic items around the house? I’ve been using the following products for years and swear by them, just because they don’t come in fancy packaging doesn’t mean they don’t work, they do – and trust me they are great!

1. Banana for hair – I know it sounds gross but seriously this one is a gem. I’ve paid nearly £30 for conditioners promising to give me shiny locks, they normally leave me disappointed. When one day a friend suggested bananas to me. Ok, I thought Ill humour them. I picked up a banana on my way home that day for about 15p and massaged it in to my hair after shampooing. It felt weird, I’ll be honest – it was all mushy but on the plus side smelt great. Left it for about 10 minutes and rinsed it out, once blow dried it was so shiny I’ve never looked back I enjoy banana hair about one a fortnight.

2. Oats in the bath – When I read about this over five years ago now I remember feeling a bit grossed out. Unless you’re goldilocks you don’t want to lay in a bath of porridge. When I poured the oats under the hot tap while the bath was running I could see the water going all milky and once I laid there for a few minutes I could feel my skin softening and feeling amazing! This lasts about 48 hours – just in time for my next bath. They can be any oats and a large bag can be picked up for under £1 – winner.

3. Cold tea bags under the eyes – The key word her is COLD. It’s no good straining your teabag in your mug and whacking it under your eye, it will burn you and your eyes will be red and puffy. Leave these strained teabags on the side for a couple of hours or even better – in the fridge. Once they have cooled right down hold them over your eyes while shut and gently move them underneath your eyes it instantly brightens them up and make you feel nice and awake, great if you have had a late night the previous night!

4. Lipstick in the fridge – My boyfriend gives me the strangest looks when he opens the fridge in search of beer and finds my make-up stored up in there. Trust me – It’s a lifesaver, especially now it’s getting warmer, lipsticks and balms will melt and go mushy, such a waste and looks rubbish. Pop them in the fridge once the weather gets nicer it keeps them looking amazing and feeling great when you put them on. I also do the same for my moisturizer – feels great putting that on after a hot summer’s day.

5. Strawberry’s to whiten teeth – I was very dubious when I first heard about this one. Surely something so sweet and delicious can’t be good for you can it? Least of all whiten your teeth surely it rots them? No, this one is one of the more surprising ones but if you cut a strawberry in half and rub it across your teeth as if you are brushing them with it. Once you rinse your mouth your teeth look much whiter and brighter. Check your teeth for pips and bits of strawberry though, or it may spoil your new Hollywood smile.

6. Vaseline on elbows and knees – Elbows and knees are weird aren’t they? They are just saggy, tough and wrinkly skin that looks like old an elephant. Rather than let them dry out I find putting a little bit of Vaseline over them keeps them soft and much less elephant- like. I also swear by using Vaseline if you’re using fake tan. No one wants orange knees, elbows and ankles so be sure to apply some Vaseline

7. Sudocrem on spots – This is my favourite tip ever. Although I’m in my late twenties I still get the occasional spot come out and ruin my day. I’ve tried so many lotions and spot potions to get rid of them but seem to make them more angry than ever. Of all the different spot treatments I’ve tried nothing works like sudocrem. I mean it, A cheap little tub has replaced all the range of spot treatments that lined my beauty bag. I put a little on the offending area before bed and by the next morning it has completely dried out the little beast. Marie 1 – Spot 0!

When failing doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

Tonight I had great hopes, I was going to become the first twenty something “Mary Berry” and bake for the first time in my life. Caught up in the moment, buying all the ingredients and materials to bake my cupcakes (and also a vision of me hosting the next great British Bake Off) I spent close to £20 on the essential items to bake a cupcake – yes, silver star shapes ARE essential items. I whips the ingredients together singing to myself as if recreating a scene from a Disney film, put them in the oven and cleared up my mess. I felt genuinely excited and couldn’t believe I hadn’t done this before. What great timing, the night I start my new blog is the same night I discover I’m a baking genius, I could post a recipe and yummy pictures like many blogs I have seen! A fabulous coincidence right? Wrong. I allowed the cakes to cook and opened the oven like an excited child on Christmas morning. They were black, not only that they had stuck to the cases and not risen at all. Disappointed I felt like a failure, I’d failed at baking and I was rubbish a baking. I had a choice I could dwell on the fact I was a rubbish baker, I could keep trying and improve or I could laugh it off and think of all the things I am good at and stop wasting my energy on the things I’m not. So as I write this with flour in-between my fingernails and a taste of charcoal in my mouth  (what? I still ate them of course) I start to thing of all the times we are too hard on ourselves. Whether it be cooking, decorating or even raising a child. There are times when we all feel like we fail, but we are NOT failures. We all have talents even though sometimes they aren’t as obvious as some. So laugh at the struggles and ask your closest friend what your strengths are, I bet you they can name at least five things. And hey – my beautiful cooking blog didn’t go to plan, but it doesn’t mean I’m a failure it just means I was better at writing this one. Now excuse me while I continue to lick the bowl of cake mix.

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